Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge


It is easy to enjoy Louisiana’s natural habitat in the Bayou Region, where outdoor areas offer a variety of camping options, with many locations providing luxury cabins that allow families to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Known as the “Sportsman’s Paradise,” Louisiana is full of natural beauty. Located near the 1.4 million-acre Atchafalaya Basin and the Gulf of Mexico, the Bayou Region offers residents opportunities for fishing, hunting and boating. The area has many boat launches, docks, piers and boardwalks that provide easy access to these activities. Charter fishing is also offered for those who enjoy having the guidance of an experienced captain.

With a mix of freshwater and saltwater bodies of water, the region is home to diverse wildlife, such as bald eagles, Louisiana black bear and American alligators.

Hikers and casual walkers can enjoy the area’s many trails, boardwalks and wildlife sanctuaries. The region is a premier location for sports and recreation activities like golfing at some of the state’s top courses or windsurfing, sailing and other water recreation.