Bayou Vista Spray Park


More than 30 recreation centers spread throughout the Bayou Region allow for a range of activities geared toward children in pre-school through high school. These facilities include fields and equipment for school-based teams and activities for local families.

Athletic opportunities include individual and team sports. The Sanders Baseball and Softball Academy and the Manning Passing Camp allow children to learn techniques first-hand from professional athletes. Crawfish Aquatics, which utilizes the Olympic-sized pool at Nicholls State University, provides swimming lessons for all ages and abilities, as well as competition opportunities for experienced swimmers.

In addition to athletics, the Bayou Region has an established network of public libraries with a variety of learning and reading programs that encourage history and cultural appreciation, as well as leisure activities like chess and painting. Child-friendly museums and exhibits round out the mix of activities available for families.

Whether parents and children seek a structured, team-style program or the freedom to explore as a family, there are educational and recreational activities of all kinds in the Bayou Region.