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Public schools in the Bayou Region include an A-rated elementary school where, in 2013, teachers were recognized as Star Teachers by Louisiana education officials for helping students surpass academic performance targets. Kindergarten-through-12th-grade schools in the Houma area include highly-rated middle schools and high schools where students take Advanced Placement and honors courses, earn awards for pursuits from art to football and serve the local community by volunteering for animal shelters and nursing homes. Classroom technology such as the use of iPads for research, advanced coursework for high-achieving students and diverse campus clubs and activities are key aspects of public schools in the Bayou Region.

  • Chackbay Elementary School

    Chackbay Elementary School is a pre-kindergarten-through-5th grade school that earned a B rating from the Louisiana Department of Education for the 2015-2016 academic year. >>

  • Houma Junior High School

    Houma Junior High School is a highly-rated 7th-through-9th-grade school that received 10 out of 10 bonus points from the Louisiana Department of Education for the quality of its initiatives to help students in 2013. >>

  • Lisa Park Elementary School

    Students at Lisa Park Elementary School, a pre-kindergarten-through-7th-grade school in Terrebonne Parish, benefit from a well-balanced academic curriculum and extensive extracurricular programs. >>

  • Mulberry Elementary School

    Mulberry Elementary School is a pre-kindergarten-through-6th-grade public school that focuses on academic fundamentals and received an A rating from the Louisiana Department of Education for 2014-15. >>

  • Sixth Ward Middle School

    Sixth Ward Middle School is a 6th-through-8th-grade school in Thibodaux that earned an A rating from the Louisiana Department of Education for the 2014-2015 academic year. >>

  • Terrebonne High School

    Terrebonne High School in Houma is a highly-rated 9th-through-12th-grade campus where students learn French and Spanish, enroll in gifted and talented, honors and Advanced Placement courses, and explore film through the school’s extensive arts program. >>

  • Thibodaux High School

    Thibodaux High School is a college-preparatory 9th-through-12th-grade campus that offers Advancement Placement and honors courses, foreign language instruction in French and Spanish, and opportunities for students to earn college credit hours through a dual-enrollment program. >>