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Private schools in the Bayou Region offer challenging academics and low teacher-to-student ratios. Student clubs and extracurricular activities focus on personal development. Faith-based schools in the Houma area include Roman Catholic schools, as well as, non-denominational Christian schools.

In 2013-14, students at Houma private and parochial schools:

  • Earned college credits through dual-enrollment programs with local colleges
  • Explored careers in medicine and culinary arts
  • Joined clubs that focus on art, community service and world cultures
  • Participated in “green” initiatives to benefit the local environment
  • Performed at music festivals

Students at the region’s private schools benefit from coursework focused on core subjects such as English, math, science and social studies. Elective courses provide instruction in art, foreign language, journalism and technology.

  • Edward Douglas White Catholic High School

    E.D. White Catholic High School is an 8th-through-12th-grade school that offers a well-rounded, college-preparatory curriculum in combination with the development of students’ Roman Catholic faith. Students at E.D. White benefit from the use of technology such as iPads, which are used by students and teachers. >>

  • Houma Christian School

    Houma Christian School is a pre-kindergarten-through-12th-grade college-preparatory school with a faith-centered approach to education. A focus on core subjects and extensive high school honors courses are areas of concentration at this small Houma campus. >>

  • St. Bernadette Catholic School

    St. Bernadette Catholic School in Houma is a kindergarten-through-7th-grade parochial school that combines state-of-the-art technology with instruction in Roman Catholic faith and extracurricular activities. >>

  • St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School

    St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School, founded in 1870, is a pre-kindergarten-through-7th-grade parochial school in Houma where students benefit from the use of iPads and other digital technology that complement classroom instruction. >>

  • St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School

    St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School is a pre-kindergarten-through-7th-grade school in Thibodaux where students participate in “green” campus projects, explore careers in science and technology and learn the history of the Roman Catholic Church. >>

  • Vandebilt Catholic High School

    Vandebilt Catholic High School is an 8th-through-12th-grade parochial school that combines challenging academics with instruction in the Roman Catholic faith. A highly regarded music program featuring a wind symphony and concert band is a highlight of campus life. >>