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Lush Gardens and Unique Tours at Avery Island

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Located roughly 30 miles south of Lafayette, Avery Island is rich in natural beauty and history. The Island is one of five salt domes in the area, formed over thousands of years. The Island was settled in the early 1800’s by the Avery Family, and is the birthplace and continued source of world-famous TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauce.

Surrounded by marshes and bayous, Avery Island is home to Jungle Gardens, a 170-acre protected botanical garden, lush with semitropical foliage and abundant wildlife, and open seven days a week. A five-mile scenic drive lined with century-old live oaks, twisting wisteria and camellia groves takes visitors through the gardens. Visitors can also take smartphone-guided tours revealing insights to the various plants and wildlife. A walking trail leading to a centuries-old Buddha statue in a glass shrine is a popular attraction at Jungle Gardens.

 The TABASCO® Pepper Sauce Factory hosts tours showcasing how the renowned sauce is aged in white oak barrels for up to three years. The free tour provides a variety of samples in miniature TABASCO® bottles, and the Country Store stocks a number of culinary-themed gifts, food and collectibles.

Photo Credit: McIlhenny Company