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Lake End Park Provides Water Adventures

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Victor Guarisco Lake End Park is a popular spot for residents to enjoy the outdoors. With access to both water and land amenities, including a mile-long walking trail built along the water’s edge and lined with cypress and live oaks, the park allows visitors to enjoy activities such as fishing on the pier to riding jet skis.

The marina maintains 47 slips and a boat launch for those interested in getting out on the water. With a pier and a low-lying bank, there are numerous fishing spots for anglers interested in the variety of fish found in Lake Palourde. Historically known as Lac Palourde, or “Lake Clam,” the lake produces an abundance of crawfish, oyster, fish and crabs. Covering more than 11,000 acres, this salt- and fresh-water lake connects to several other nearby bodies of water and is a small subsection of the Atchafalaya Basin.

In addition to recreational boating and fishing opportunities, the lake is also the site of events such as the annual Morgan City power boat races. The event attracts hundreds of spectators, with vessels blazing through the course at 175 mph or more.

In addition to the lake — which has served as a backdrop for a handful of movies — there are other scenic aspects of the park, including the bell tower, which is more than a hundred feet tall. The carillons of the tower are among the largest in the world, with 61 bronze bells ranging in weight from 18 to 4,730 pounds.