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Houma-Thibodaux Industries

Top regional industries in Houma-Thibodaux are critical inputs to the nation’s economy – one that is reliant on products manufactured and services provided by companies located in the region’s four-parish area. In addition to powering national commerce, these industries also help to maintain economic stability and growth in the Bayou Region.


The region is home to agribusiness-related companies ranging from food processors to sugarcane mills. The sugarcane industry in particular is a thriving one for the Bayou Region due to the abundance of sugarcane plants and fields that have served as a key component of the region’s economy for decades.

Companies like Raceland Raw Sugar Corporation operate sugar mills that receive raw product from area farmers, process it into sugar crystals, and then ship to customers such as Domino Sugar for refining.

The Raceland sugar mill, which is built to process 15,000 tons of sugarcane daily, 1.25 million tons annually, recently underwent a $162 million expansion of its facility to increase capture of sustainable by-products – some of which are used to power the sugar mill’s own operations.


The Bayou Region is a hub for energy production, with many companies providing key services to support offshore activities. Areas like Port Fourchon, Louisiana’s southernmost port, facilitate the transportation of more than 1.5 million barrels of crude oil each day, and support billions of dollars in economic activity each year.

Top energy companies in the region include Danos, a large oilfield services company, and Oceaneering International, a critical provider of products and services to offshore oil and gas operations with key business lines that include remotely-operated vehicles, testing and inspection services, and manned diving services.

Logistics, Warehousing & Distribution

The Bayou Region’s multimodal transportation capabilities make it easy to understand why logistics, warehousing and distribution activities are a key component of the region’s economy.

Led by Port Fourchon, where up to 1,200 trucks travel in and out each day, the region is connected to interstate highways and railroads, and it maintains direct access to the Gulf of Mexico through a number of various channels and access points. A recent economic impact study to measure the importance of Port Fourchon to both the regional and national economies indicated that in less than a month nearly $10 billion of products that flow through the port are sold at U.S. firms and more than 77,000 jobs rely on Port Fourchon activities across the nation.

Transportation-related companies in the region collectively employ nearly 2,500 area residents with annual sales exceeding $500 million.


Manufacturing companies in the region are numerous and diverse, with operations ranging from plastic product and metal parts manufacturing to machinery and heavy equipment manufacturing.

John Deere is one of the world’s largest machinery manufacturers, and the company maintains a strong presence in the region through its Thibodaux sugar cane equipment manufacturing facility – the largest in the world – where it employs nearly 500 area residents and serves the needs of sugarcane farmers across the globe.

Less than an hour from Thibodaux in Franklin, MARK Tool & Rubber Company is a key provider to the energy and maritime sectors by manufacturing products that range from rubber rollers and cast urethane, which help prevent deterioration and breakages in its many applications, to splash zone pipeline coatings designed to prevent corrosion in offshore installations.


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